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Commercial Water Features – We are able to create a range of designs to suit any space!

Elliott of London are well known for their expertise in Water Feature and Fountain metal Specialists having knowledge & flair in providing the most diverse water feature designs & displays. We create bespoke water features and fountains incorporating glass, stone, stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, galvanised steel, steels and recycled materials. Creating luxurious bespoke water effects for indoor, out door, residential and commercials projects. As specialists in our field we work throughout the UK including London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire. Water Feature Designing & Manufacturing we are able to work closely with architects, garden designers and construction companies to create a luxurious high quality product to suit the client’s requirements.

Garden water features are, perhaps, the first port-of-call for those looking to improve their outdoor spaces in Oxfordshire . Elliott of London can be your call to have a luxury handcrafted water feature bespoke design for your garden. Water can become a feature to your garden design in Oxfordshire.

Garden Water Features in Oxfordshire - Suppliers of garden water features in Oxfordshire. A unique range of sculptured water features. Water Fountains, fountain pumps and lights. Affordable, stylish and easy to install in Oxfordshire area.

Elliott’s are leading water feature specialists in Oxfordshire, offering our services on residential and commercial projects. Our bespoke water feature designs draw on the many years of experience we have in designing and engineering water features. This has enabled us to offer a wide and large range of water feature bespoke designs in Oxfordshire. Our bespoke services include the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of the water features including ponds, streams and fountains near Oxfordshire. Our timeless, contemporary water sculpture designs and modern water features show our true tribute to British Luxury, with aspects of traditional water features, we are able to utilise the space to feature water walls and water feature designs in Oxfordshire. Water Feature Lighting in Oxfordshire can always be a fantastic aspect to the design, using ponds, rivers and water supply to create large water features, as well as metal water features and smaller in Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire Water Feature Company – Oxfordshire Bespoke Water Feature Design

Our passions lie with creating the highest of quality British handcrafted products, we are able to consider costings, price and budget to allow our clients to achieve a water feature to suit their space. We always go beyond delivering a beautiful water feature to the Oxfordshire Area. We are dedicated to ensuring our water features fountains and ponds continue to look as good as the first day they were turned on. Operating within Oxfordshire and home counties has meant we can offer a very personal service and competitive maintenance contacts which are important to the longevity of the water feature.  We have a wealth of experience in commercial water features and residential fountains utilising our bespoke water feature chemical dosing and filtration systems. We have been able to design and fit our water features in some of Oxfordshire smallest gardens and courtyards, utilising planters and other hard landscaping products to disguise. Being water feature specialists in Oxfordshire, we pride ourselves on our one to one close personalised services, designing a range of water feature and water sculpture designs to suit any project.

Whether you want a formal traditional water garden in Oxfordshire, a modern contemporary water feature or a more organic natural water feature in Oxfordshire, you need to talk to Elliotts. Water garden feature in Oxfordshire don’t usually need a lot of maintenance but there are important considerations when designing one to ensure it will thrive and flourish; this is where Elliott of London can really help.


With various different material options we can help decide a suitable material for your project, with; Bronze, gold leaf, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, mild steel, copper, gold, silver, stone, wood, slate, marble. Finishing your water feature is also something to consider, with polished stainless finishes to Verdigris to aged bronze to rustic corten steel effect, you will always find the suitable finish. Corten Steel and rustic water features are becoming very popular in Oxfordshire and we can adapt our designs to suit your project, large scale water features created using mixed materials can be included.  

What are the aspects and points to consider when including a water garden design in Oxfordshire?

  • Large or Small Water Sculpture

  • Cascading water features and wall-mounted water fountains

  • Bridges and lighting

  • Easy-access and maintenance requirements

  • Advice about wildlife matters


Can any garden have a pond or water feature in Oxfordshire?

There are a number of factors you’ll need to consider when designing a water sculpture or feature for your garden in Oxfordshire:

  1. Space: a water garden design may need more space than you think and you’ll need to consider the shape, size, and depth of your feature. Do you want it to be the main feature of the garden?

  2. Price and Budget: careful planning can help you avoid cost overrun but it’s essential to know how much you want to spend.

  3. Durability and Maintenance: we will provide you with detailed maintenance requirements so you can plan more easily. We design and build the water features ourselves so we can always ensure durability and quality with our luxurious water features in Oxfordshire

  4. Ecological Balance: our knowledge of water gardens and their inhabitants will help you avoid disappointment and catastrophe.

  5. Local Regulation: there may be restrictions when building your water garden. The experienced team at Ginkgo Gardens can help you understand and navigate.


Bespoke Water Garden Design-and-Build with Elliott of London

Water garden design is not just about the ‘what?’ and ‘where?’ but the ‘how? - We can help you create the water garden to suit your garden in Oxfordshire – Contact us know!

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We also work across all areas of Oxfordshire including: 

Areas Served and covered;  Oxford, Banbury, Abingdon, Bicester, Witney, Didcot, Henley On Thames, Thame, Wallingford, Chinor, Burford

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